I often think about the days of Creation, the VERY day, and days, that everything was created, and what those days must have looked like. I believe what the Word says, if God is Almighty, Sovereign, All-powerful, then of course he can build everything in six days. He is who he says he is. The I Am is the I Am. I often wonder about the shades of our skin, and how they all came to be from just one Adam, and one Eve. If we all came from these two, then what was their color? What did they look like? When I imagine what things may have looked like, I love to explore ideas in my mind. My ideas are simply that - ideas. There is no proof of them, they only exist in my imagination. I believe the ability to have and use our imagination is a gift from the Lord, and so, I'll describe what I see. In Genesis chapter one, on the third day of creation, it says that God made the earth produce vegetation, plants, all kinds of all things. Plants hadn't yet sprouted, but they would! They w

Market Prep

This is how I prep for market: Rice Fish Bento Bags Watercolor Fridge Magnets Giant Crochet Blanket

Don't do it!

Have you ever squatted for a photo? Perhaps you've been in the front, people are standing behind you, surely it would be better for the people in the back if you squatted? Maybe you are tall, or just taller than the others in the group, and you think it's much more polite to squat for that group photo. Here is my potentially unpopular opinion: squatting for photos should never be done. Do not be ashamed of your height! Do not squat! Move to the back if you're taller than most, move to the front if you're shorter than most. Have you noticed that it's mostly, almost always, women who squat in photos? Aside from the act of squatting in photos being truly ridiculous, the squatters also look truly ridiculous. AND! They're letting someone take a photo of the ridiculousness for everlasting proof! Please. Stop. Don't do it. I can not recall if I have never squatted for a photo or not, therefore, I can't say I've never done it. But, from here on, please commi

A Reading Log Sounds So Boring

Do you have a reading log? A place to record all the books you've read in a month/year/decade? When presented with the idea of a 'reading log', all I could think of was a page with columns, and spaces for titles, authors etc. In a word: boring. After seeing some actually-interesting reading logs online, I decided to draw my own. I know this isn't the first bookshelf reading log, and it very likely won't be the last. By all means, draw your own! If you click on the link below , you'll be taken to google docs where the 8.5x11" pdf is available for FREE. Holly May B of Room to Flourish Reading Log It fits 28 titles, and I imagine the top banner to say something like, "Holly's Reading Log 2022," or "Holly's Book List Jan-Feb," or "Books Read ___/___/___ to ___/___/___," if one needs less commitment. I see that hand. You can use this, your kids can use it, your Grandma can use it... Enjoy reading! Please note: This reading l

Will you ever look at clouds the same?

  My son drew a picture in his spelling book... I noticed how the cloud looked like a heart with an extra 'bump' at the top. Immediately, I knew. When I look at the clouds, I can see our awesome Heavenly Father saying not just, "I love you," but instead, "I L O O O O O V E you!" Or, "I love love love you!" Each bump at the top of the cloud is another LOVE. How fitting for Valentine's Day coming up. My sock knitting is going along nicely - I have finished one and I'm about half-way through the next. I can't wait to wear them. If you've ever wanted to try sock knitting, and you can knit at a beginner level, then please do give it a try! We had a Ladies Night at our church last week and everyone was given a small bouquet to take home. Each piece had a meaning. There were two unusual flowers that caught my eye - one had rounded little ball-shaped petals. I watched over the next few days as each one opened up like a mini flower of its ow

Trying a new thing

I tried a new thing this week, sock knitting! I have a friend who knits all. the. things. and does the most beautiful job of it. I am so blessed to own a pair of her beautiful hand-knitted socks! For a while now, I've had the idea to try knitting socks. So, now is a good a time as any, especially since I had the yarn, but only needed to get some sock-needles. I also finished a big beautiful crochet shawl this week, the same color as my first sock - actually, the shawl was finished before I started the sock - the yarn was made for sock knitting anyway, the right mix of wool and nylon, with a teeny bit of acrylic, so it's a great place for a beginner to start, well I hope it is! Haha. I love green. I always have. From when I was a teenager, lime green was on everything, I painted things lime green. I have grown very fond of many other colors since then, though. When the yarn runs out on this first sock, as it will very soon, I plan on getting another ball of yarn in a very bright

Practice makes bookmarks

I just realized I had left last week's post titled as 'NEXT POST.' That was an oops, haha! I changed it to 'Beauty for Ashes' to align with the artwork I shared. I'll try to pay more attention from here on. Have you ever used a dip pen? You know the kind that you dip in ink and write all fancy? I wanted to practice with my dip pens... and you know what happened? I got bookmarks! Sure, 'practice makes perfect' or 'practice makes better', but in this case, practice makes bookmarks. I added crochet string and cut round corners on some of them. It was a fun creative outlet. Did you notice that I've been posting consistently for four weeks? Thanks for following along! Check out my latest shop updates at I have reduced the price of the 2021 scripture calendar and I've uploaded a BUNCH of original art - organized by size, which should also make them easier to view based on budget. I would be honored if you had a