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I've started The Bible Recap, where you read through the bible in a year. Honestly, the thought of it was a little daunting to begin with, but it's designed around reading through chronologically, and so far it's not too much of a chunk to read each day. Very doable. I have found that I need to be intentional with my bible-time though. I'm so enjoying going through it with a friend or two - you know, accountability and all that. I appreciate them more than they know.  One of my goals this year is to practice brush-lettering more. Yes, I do need practice! There is also a big difference in the way some types of brushes 'work'. You gotta find the one that's just right!  I *used* to blog all about the crafty makes that I had been up to "since the last post" (see ) , so I shall try to be more intentional to take photos to share here. I still make a lot of different things every week and I love to show them off. Today, though, you get t