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A Reading Log Sounds So Boring

Do you have a reading log? A place to record all the books you've read in a month/year/decade? When presented with the idea of a 'reading log', all I could think of was a page with columns, and spaces for titles, authors etc. In a word: boring. After seeing some actually-interesting reading logs online, I decided to draw my own. I know this isn't the first bookshelf reading log, and it very likely won't be the last. By all means, draw your own! If you click on the link below , you'll be taken to google docs where the 8.5x11" pdf is available for FREE. Holly May B of Room to Flourish Reading Log It fits 28 titles, and I imagine the top banner to say something like, "Holly's Reading Log 2022," or "Holly's Book List Jan-Feb," or "Books Read ___/___/___ to ___/___/___," if one needs less commitment. I see that hand. You can use this, your kids can use it, your Grandma can use it... Enjoy reading! Please note: This reading l