Custom Process

How to place a custom order or request a quote.

Step 1

You'll contact me.  There are a few ways to do this:

  • There is a contact form to the left of the main page of this site.  Simply fill that in and hit 'send.'
  • You can email me directly: roomtoflourish (a) gmail (dot) com
  • Or, there is a contact form in my Room to Flourish online shop.  The link is at the top of this page. Then, find the 'contact' button there.

Feel free to send screen shots of my previous work or links to whatever I've created, that you'd like me to use as inspiration for your piece.

Clicking on these will take you to selected posts from my Room to Flourish Instagram account:

Step 2

After I hear from you, I'll contact you.  If there's anything more I need to know before I can make a quote, I'll ask you.  Then I'll send you a quote.  Quotes are valid for 60 days.

Step 3

Once the quote has been approved, I can start work.  Often, a 50% deposit is required before work begins.  I use PayPal to send invoices via email.  You do not need to have a PayPal account.  From here, we can decide on a time frame, I'll find out any more information I need.  Depending on what the work is, I can send photos of the work as I go. And, if necessary get more info and make adjustments here and there, which is often the case with invitations and logos.

Step 4

When work is complete, the final payment is made, digital work gets emailed and physical work will be shipped.

Step 5

That's it!  I only ask that you tell your friends.  Thank you SO much!

NOW, go check out some examples of work I have completed for my lovely clients. (Click Here)

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