I often think about the days of Creation, the VERY day, and days, that everything was created, and what those days must have looked like. I believe what the Word says, if God is Almighty, Sovereign, All-powerful, then of course he can build everything in six days. He is who he says he is. The I Am is the I Am.

I often wonder about the shades of our skin, and how they all came to be from just one Adam, and one Eve. If we all came from these two, then what was their color? What did they look like?

When I imagine what things may have looked like, I love to explore ideas in my mind. My ideas are simply that - ideas. There is no proof of them, they only exist in my imagination. I believe the ability to have and use our imagination is a gift from the Lord, and so, I'll describe what I see.

In Genesis chapter one, on the third day of creation, it says that God made the earth produce vegetation, plants, all kinds of all things. Plants hadn't yet sprouted, but they would! They were under the ground, ready to grow once the mist that came overnight would water everything.

Three days later, on day six, the Lord created man. The first chapter in Genesis is a once-over description of how everything was made, but in chapter two, the writer explains more about the day that man was made.

It is written than man was made from the dust of the earth. The earth is fertile, plants are there, but not yet sprouted. Have you seen fertile soil? It's not sandy brown like a desert, it's not muddy brown like a riverside. Fertile topsoil is so rich in nutrients, it's dark, like coal! So, my mind instantly imagines Adam's skin to be the most perfectly smooth skin of pure ebony. Have you ever imagined him looking like this? But wait! Eve isn't made from dust!

In Genesis chapter two, it says that God caused Adam to fall into a deep slumber, so he could take a piece of his rib, and form Eve from it. What color are our bones? They're the color of milk, so smooth and silky.

So, can you see what I imagine that Adam and Eve looked like? The most perfect human male, and the most perfect human female, in my mind's eye, are ebony and ivory. And, why not? For the rest of humanity is made up of every shade of these colors, from each end of the spectrum of light to dark. And both ends, and every shade in between is beautiful.

 I first thought that maybe both Adam and Eve were dark-skinned because the lighter shades of all of us, we know by science, have less melanin – and as the years have gone by, maybe some of us have lost a bit of melanin along the way. But, as I tried to figure it out, I wondered if Adam and Eve were opposites of each other, not only as male/female, but in color, too.

I do love to imagine all these things! I wonder what Samson's seven locks of hair looked like, and was he humongous like Hulk? How different the twins Jacob and Esau must have looked from each other! Did Adam have curly hair and Eve straight? Or did Adam have straight hair and Eve curly? Did they both have the same hair and each child they had was a complete surprise as to what they would look like?

One day, I'll have the time to find all these things out. One day there will be no construct as time, and life will just be. For now, I can only imagine. But imagine, I shall!



  1. That's so cool!!!

  2. ❤️ I am positive that God is happy that you are using your imagination.


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