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Naming Room to Flourish

I'm so glad to share my journey with you!  I created this space called Room to Flourish.  Let me tell you where it all began... Way back in high school, one of the art projects we had to do was designing a brand name. I wanted a name for my brand that was found or inspired by something in the Holy Bible, and I came across the name Rehoboth. I loved it, and even though I ran with it then, I knew it was a strange sounding word.  It also takes a bit of practice to pronounce correctly. It needed some refining. In Genesis chapter 22, Isaac was looking for a place to live.  The plan was to find a good place, dig a well for water, then settle. They did this twice, and when they had dug the wells, the people there quarreled over the land. So, Isaac moved on and dug a third well. No one quarreled over that place, so they named it Rehoboth. Rehoboth means broad places  or open spaces . He said, "Now, the Lord has given us room and we will flourish in the land." Genesis 26:22