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Some things have to be just right

For the last year or so, our desktop computer has sat on a pile of books to make it the right height.  I decided the actual desk top was way too busy, too messy, I wanted to read those books occasionally (dressmaker's pattern drafting and flower gardening to name only two of the five books), and just too much 'too.' After spending way 'too' much time searching the interwebs for the perfect computer stand, and finding the 'perfect' one was, again, asking for 'too' much of my precious moolah, I decided to see what I could find at the trusty local craft store to DIY my own. Not asking for 'too' much, my list of must-haves looked like this: two shelves pretty space for my monitor wide/deep enough for files to fit it the shelves not $60 I went to Hobby Lobby looking for unfinished wood shelves/pieces which might get stuck together with dowels, or something-a-rather, with the intention of making a two-shelf, functional thing-a-ma-