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2020 Scripture Calendar and a Story

This year is beginning to wind down, we're almost in 2020. That sounds so strange! I remember in 1995 (or something like that, I was around about 10 years old) writing a story in school about 'What we think life will be like in the year 2000.' The year 2000 was only 20 years ago! Twenty. Good grief! Yet, here we are.  Almost 2020 and I have a cute little calendar to show you - if you haven't already heard about it. Last year, I was almost ready to get started on putting the 2019 calendar together when, all of a sudden, we were planning to move house, move state, from Arizona to Tennessee.  I had to quit with the calendar and focus on moving.  I was stressed.  Real stressed. Jesus carried me through, I was in and out of despair.  I struggled to sing.  Me, struggling to sing, that is a big deal! But, God.  Through that dark valley, I learned to trust. I'm still a work in progress, but I'm pressing closer to the goal, to win the prize. Hallelujah for