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Practice makes bookmarks

I just realized I had left last week's post titled as 'NEXT POST.' That was an oops, haha! I changed it to 'Beauty for Ashes' to align with the artwork I shared. I'll try to pay more attention from here on. Have you ever used a dip pen? You know the kind that you dip in ink and write all fancy? I wanted to practice with my dip pens... and you know what happened? I got bookmarks! Sure, 'practice makes perfect' or 'practice makes better', but in this case, practice makes bookmarks. I added crochet string and cut round corners on some of them. It was a fun creative outlet. Did you notice that I've been posting consistently for four weeks? Thanks for following along! Check out my latest shop updates at I have reduced the price of the 2021 scripture calendar and I've uploaded a BUNCH of original art - organized by size, which should also make them easier to view based on budget. I would be honored if you had a