Don't do it!

Have you ever squatted for a photo? Perhaps you've been in the front, people are standing behind you, surely it would be better for the people in the back if you squatted? Maybe you are tall, or just taller than the others in the group, and you think it's much more polite to squat for that group photo.

Here is my potentially unpopular opinion: squatting for photos should never be done.

Do not be ashamed of your height! Do not squat! Move to the back if you're taller than most, move to the front if you're shorter than most.

Have you noticed that it's mostly, almost always, women who squat in photos?

Aside from the act of squatting in photos being truly ridiculous, the squatters also look truly ridiculous. AND! They're letting someone take a photo of the ridiculousness for everlasting proof!

Please. Stop. Don't do it.

I can not recall if I have never squatted for a photo or not, therefore, I can't say I've never done it.

But, from here on, please commit to never squatting for photographs ever again, as long as you can withstand the peer pressure.

I would love to hear your unpopular opinions!


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