Will you ever look at clouds the same?


My son drew a picture in his spelling book... I noticed how the cloud looked like a heart with an extra 'bump' at the top.

Immediately, I knew.

When I look at the clouds, I can see our awesome Heavenly Father saying not just, "I love you," but instead, "I L O O O O O V E you!"

Or, "I love love love you!"

Each bump at the top of the cloud is another LOVE. How fitting for Valentine's Day coming up.

My sock knitting is going along nicely - I have finished one and I'm about half-way through the next. I can't wait to wear them. If you've ever wanted to try sock knitting, and you can knit at a beginner level, then please do give it a try!

We had a Ladies Night at our church last week and everyone was given a small bouquet to take home. Each piece had a meaning. There were two unusual flowers that caught my eye - one had rounded little ball-shaped petals. I watched over the next few days as each one opened up like a mini flower of its own. Each petal had it's own center in it. So pretty!

My Christmas cactus is flowering again, what a treat! There are several more flowers coming, too. The pic below is a cutting I took off either a philodendron lemon lime or a monstera adansonaii.

I dropped it in a glass of water and have watched it slowly grow, without any leaves. Now it has it's own leaf coming out! You can see I placed a few small stones in it to keep the leaf-end up. I'll keep you updated on how this one turns out.

I hope you have a lovely week!

Happy Valentine's Day! Know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, and so loved by the King.



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